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In the dynamic world of sports and entertainment, time is often your most precious resource. Our specialized Sports & Entertainment Real Estate Division understands this, providing bespoke services that allow you to focus on your craft while we safeguard your real estate interests.

Our seasoned team, comprised of former professional athletes, legal experts, savvy financiers, , leverages its extensive real estate experience to create strategic, long-term plans that align with your vision and financial objectives.

We go beyond mere transactions. We work closely with your advisors, offering transparent reports and insights to make your investment journey seamless, even from miles away. Our proactive investment consulting and auditing services ensure you're never led into a suboptimal investment. While you're playing on the field or on stage, rest assured that we're playing the real estate field for you, mitigating risks and maximizing returns.

OUR Services

Personalized Attention at Every Step

We understand the unique demands of the sports and entertainment industries. Our dedicated agents accompany you throughout your real estate journey, managing your time, needs, and preferences with the utmost care, respect, and discretion.

Investment Consulting and Auditing

We offer comprehensive investment consulting and auditing services. Our financial experts analyze potential investments, carrying out due diligence to ensure each opportunity aligns with your financial goals and risk appetite. We provide regular updates and reports, allowing you to stay informed and make confident decisions.

Relocation Services

Transitions between teams or locations need not be stressful. Our personalized relocation services simplify the process, from scouting suitable properties to facilitating a seamless move.

Expertise that Gives You an Edge

We leverage our decades of experience and data-driven insights to provide strategic advice for making informed buying, selling, and investment decisions. Our custom solutions, in-depth market analysis, risk assessment, and future value projections give you an edge in the sports and entertainment real estate market.

Off-Market Deals

Our access to an extensive network and insider knowledge opens doors to coveted off-market properties. Whether buying or selling, we offer exclusive opportunities for discreet transactions, ensuring your privacy while facilitating successful deals.

Luxury Rental & Concierge Services

Your comfort and convenience are paramount. We offer a range of luxury concierge services designed to enhance your vacation experiences. Whether you desire a villa in Miami, Ibiza, Dubai, or Saint Tropez, we secure premier accommodations and arrange bespoke experiences tailored to the unique needs of sports professionals.

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OUR Values

Our values shape every aspect of our service. We strive for excellence, uphold discretion to protect your privacy, and maintain professionalism to deliver unparalleled service.

About us

Our network of specialists is uniquely equipped to address the needs of:

A Real estate investor of Alure capital that is a NBA or Soccer player

In all major sports, including the NBA, Soccer, NFL, professional golf, and equestrian sports.

A Real estate investor of Alure capital that is a DJ or in the music industry

In film, television, and theater.

A Real estate investor of Alure capital that is an actor or in the cinema industry

In music, fashion, and entertainment.

Unlock opportunities globally

Our network spans across over 50 cities in 15 countries, providing you with a truly global reach. We are present in the most sought-after markets, connecting people and properties across the world. Regardless of time or place, we are always available to assist you, standing by your side as your trusted ally in real estate.

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