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Engeneering wealth, optimizing investments

Proper planning forms the bedrock of any successful financial strategy. In an increasingly complex and globalized financial landscape, it becomes even more crucial.

Our comprehensive Family Office Services Division is your trusted partner in this process, providing an array of professional services tailored for ultra-high-net-worth individuals, family offices, and businesses. We specialize in wealth engineering, focusing on optimizing and structuring your assets based on your specific financial situation, residency, and investment goals.

Key Services in Wealth Engineering and Investment Strategy:

Integrated Wealth Management

Through our systematic approach, we manage all facets of your financial portfolio. We focus on optimizing assets and directing investments for sustained growth and financial stability.

Centralization and Customization of Asset Allocation, Deployment, and Investment

We develop unique financial strategies aligned with your goals. We centralize and customize asset allocation, meticulously deploying resources and investments to align with your risk tolerance and financial objectives.

Charitable Giving Tax Planning

We assist in structuring your philanthropic activities to maximize your contributions while optimizing tax efficiency.

U.S. and European Law Tax, Gift, and Estate Planning

Our tax experts efficiently plan your estate and gifts in compliance with U.S. and European tax laws. We structure transactions and investments to minimize tax liabilities and maximize wealth transfer.

Advice on the Tax and Legal Aspects of Directing Private Equity, Hedge Fund and Other Investments

We offer expert advice on directing investments in private equity, hedge funds, and others, taking into account their tax implications and legal considerations.

LLC and Corporation Setup

Streamline business entity establishment with our expert guidance. Our tailored services cover entity formation, legal compliance, and ongoing support for your LLC or corporation's good standing.

additional Services in Wealth Engineering and Investment Strategy:

Intergenerational Wealth Transfer Strategy

We craft strategies for seamless wealth transition across generations, ensuring the preservation and growth of your financial legacy.

Family Governance Design, Implementation, and Maintenance

We aid in building resilient governance structures that promote family cohesion and facilitate smooth intergenerational wealth transfers.

Wealth Planning and Risk Management

Our team works diligently to plan and protect your wealth while effectively managing potential financial risks.

Overall Business Succession, Family Cohesion and Legacy Planning

We provide comprehensive solutions for business succession, fostering family unity, and building a lasting legacy.

Our spectrum of services also includes legal and regulatory compliance, serving as outside counsel, employment counseling, handling real estate transactions, M&A, and many more.

Trust in our expertise to guide you through the complexities of wealth engineering, tax planning, and investment strategies. We are committed to delivering a holistic, one-stop solution for all your family office needs.

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