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Redefining Global Real Estate

Located in the heart of Miami's dynamic Wynwood district, Alure Capital stands as a beacon of innovation in real estate.

Our founder, Adam Redolfi, who after leading a global real estate conglomerate for a decade and being recognized as one of Miami’s biggest visionaries and top producers decided to link his unparalleled expertise and vision to our firm to innovate and elevate the real estate industry. At Alure Capital, we blend deep insights from Miami's local market with a broad international perspective, cultivated through a decade-long network.

“While fields like tech and finance have expanded services, embraced innovation, and leaped beyond borders, isn't it time real estate did the same?”

Adam Redolfi - Founder

At Alure Capital, we understand the multifaceted needs of our cosmopolitan clientele, who often navigate across multiple cities and diverse real estate requirements. Why not save time and do it with one group that knows all your needs? Driven by Adam's vision and fortified by our expansive network nurtured over a decade, we offer a holistic suite of services as a private office. While Miami serves as our stronghold, our reach, influence, and capabilities extend globally. Our commitment transcends mere labels; it's about delivering tangible, integrated, and superior global solutions to every client

Our team is composed of very selected brokers with different backgrounds such as consultancy, investment banking, or even hospitality management bringing diverse insights to address complex real estate challenges and. Clients benefit from our wide-ranging expertise, receiving solutions that are informed by a truly global perspective and remove the real estate agent cliché of door openers and rather a true analysis of every purchase our clients do.
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Redefining Global Real Estate

End-to-End Real Estate Solutions

The labyrinth of global real estate can be daunting. Alure Capital simplifies this. We present an all-encompassing suite of services tailored for private buyers, institutional stakeholders, and eminent family offices. From discerning advisory to adept handling of tax and banking intricacies, we've got the globe covered for you.

Miami and Beyond Borders

Geography doesn't bound us. Spanning over 50 prime destinations, whether it's a European investor eyeing Miami or an American connoisseur desiring the charm of the South of France, we handhold you through every step. Beyond finding the perfect property, we align you with optimal legal structures, banking partnerships, and financing avenues. A holistic approach, unmatched in the industry, direclty here from our Miami Office

Broad Real Estate Investment Portfolio

Alure Capital’s portfolio and offerings encompasses diverse real estate opportunities: from luxury residences and new developments to commercial real estate, hotels and exclusive Real Estate Private Equity options.

Excellence in Global Real Estate Service

Alure Capital is synonymous with top-tier global real estate. Our properties range from dynamic spaces in Miami and New York to sought-after locations in London, Paris, and the South of France. Specializing in serving High Net Worth Individuals, we understand and cater to the intricate requirements of this segment.

End-to-End Client Support

Beyond facilitating transactions, we offer extensive support for all our clients. This includes offering unparalleled local market insights, exclusive access to off-market properties, and strategic advice tailored for sellers.

Our Core Values
Global Reach

Every endeavor aims to provide unparalleled real estate experiences to our esteemed clientele.

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